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Camelot Park is a beautiful south Tulsa neighborhood located between Yale and Sheridan Avenues, just south of 101st Street.  Our neighborhood is served by the Jenks Public Schools, including the award winning Jenks Southeast Elementary School. Realtors and potential home buyers, please contact the Camelot Park Homeowners' Association Board with any questions you have about our neighborhood or you may view our neighborhood covenants here.


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First Quarter 2020

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​​Board Meeting

April 14, 2020

Spring Garage Sale


2019 Year-in-Review Accomplishments

• Welcomed 9 new families Camelot Park this year

• 100% dues collection

• Board voted to save a reserve of 115% of current year of dues in account to cover extraordinary expenses not covered by insurance (i.e. sprinkler system replacement, tree removal, wall and castle issues)

• Formed and implemented plan to overhaul and install new landscape design

• Installed new lighting design using low voltage LED bulbs

• 2 Garage Sale events (early May/early October)

• Camelot Park 4th of July parade

• Camelot Park Fall Festival

• Published five (5) issues of The Pride of Camelot Park newsletter

• Welcomed new board member, Peggy Holmaas, who became editor of The Pride of Camelot Park newsletter

Welcome to our Neighborhood
• Jordan & Ashley Blake at 5632 E. 103rd Street
• Adam Helm & Amanda Shumway at 10215 S. Fulton Avenue
We’re so glad you chose Camelot Park!

HOA Dues for 2020
As discussed at the annual November homeowners meeting, HOA dues for 2020 will be $255 per household. Statements were mailed 12/30/2019. You can drop your payment in the locked HOA mailbox at the neighborhood entrance, or mail them to Camelot Park HOA, 10109 S. Granite, Tulsa, OK
74137. Payments are due by January 31, 2019. If you have questions, please contact our treasurer, Kimberly Ylitalo. She can be reached at or 918- 296-7937.

Thank you to our new Volunteer
Your HOA board is pleased to announce our new Assets Management committee chairperson. Welcome to the team, Travis Boxley, and thank you for volunteering. We look forward to your input on projects as we move into this new year!

Architectural Committee – Do’s and Don’ts
As we kick off a new year, below are a few frequent reminders or Do’s and Don’ts from your Architectural Committee and the related Covenants and Restrictions for your reference. It’s all about, “The Pride of Camelot Park”.
• Maintain the exterior of home and the lawn in an attractive manner: Covenants and Restrictions #33, #34
• Store all Trash/Recycle containers from street view (not on the side, unless behind your fence): Covenants and Restrictions #23
• Contact the Architectural Committee for approval of home installations, repairs, Improvements, etc.: Covenants and Restrictions #6, #14,
#15, #16, #17, #20

Do Not:
• Store covered vehicles properly or have extended parking at residence: Covenants and Restrictions #21, #22, #24
• Conduct commercial activity on any lot: Covenants and Restrictions #29, #30
• Have portable basketball goals & poles at any residence: Covenants and Restrictions #35

We ask that you periodically review your Covenants and Restrictions, as it addresses other issues we often discuss with homeowners. If you have questions or need our guidance on an issue/opportunity, please feel free to contact any member of the Architectural Committee. Thanks for your support!

Landscaping Report

Not much to report on Landscaping as everything is sleeping through the winter!

• We did have someone cut a corner too close and break a
sprinkler head and some sharp right turns have made divots in the corner mulch sections.

•  The entrance holiday lights and décor was expanded this year
and we hope you enjoyed it. Camelot Park homes displayed
more lights and decor than many of the long-time neighbors
recalled seeing in years! Thanks to all who brightened and
lightened the season and streets!

• At the November HOA meeting, we presented plans to do a mass planting of spring bulbs for 2021. The allotted money for the landscape overhaul budget was used in its entirety in 2019, so this could not be accomplished for this coming spring. Barring any major pulls on repairs, we’ll probably add back some seasonal color this spring.

• Just as a general landscape tip: Keep watering through the winter months as it doesn’t look like Mother Nature is going to bless/curse us (depending on how you view winter precipitation!) with much to help our shrubs and grasses. The dry, cold air really zaps turf and shrubs and they love getting a good soak as long as it does not freeze on their leaves and cause damage. On the warmer days, give your yard a good watering each week if we have not had measurable precipitation and you’ll see great results in the spring.

Great job to the homeowners who cleaned the leaves that fell from our beautiful trees – including those by the curbs in the street!