Second Quarter 2020

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Camelot Park is a beautiful south Tulsa neighborhood located between Yale and Sheridan Avenues, just south of 101st Street.  Our neighborhood is served by the Jenks Public Schools, including the award winning Jenks Southeast Elementary School. Realtors and potential home buyers, please contact the Camelot Park Homeowners' Association Board with any questions you have about our neighborhood or you may view our neighborhood covenants here.

​​Board Meeting

April 14, 2020 (postponed until further notice)

Spring Garage Sale

Date TBD​

Annual Homeowners' Meeting
November 12, 2020 7 p.m.
RiverOaks Presbyterian Church

Acts of Kindness During This Stressful Time
The Coronavirus pandemic has given ‘being a good neighbor’ a whole new meaning. If you follow posts on our neighborhood FaceBook page or check in on our social media site NextDoor, you will already have been a witness to many acts of kindness. Sending and receiving texts with neighbors can be the perfect supportive gesture during this stressful time. Sharing an arts and crafts project for the kiddos can bring smiles and relieve tension. Please continue reaching out with words of encouragement and offerings of help when you can. In the meantime, take care of yourselves. It’s the best and most important thing any of us can
do for our families.

Neighborhood Garage Sale Postponed
In light of the current Covid-19 health issues and concerns, the HOA board has decided to postpone the neighborhood garage sale this spring. It is usually held the first Friday and Saturday in May. We are pushing it back a month and will evaluate again as time approaches. Another date will be announced when we are confident not to be putting our community’s health at risk. Further information about the neighborhood garage sale will be posted on our FaceBook Camelot Park Neighborhood Group page and on NextDoor. If you do not subscribe to either of these social media sites, you can reach out to any board member by phone or email for information.

Dues Paid
Camelot Park Homeowners are the BEST! 2020 was a banner year for collecting Homeowners’ Association Dues in a timely manner. Thank you!

Picking Up After Your Pet
To all of you who pick up your pets’ waste when out walking, your neighbors thank you! Your HOA appreciates your efforts. You may now skip to the next item in this newsletter. To those
of you who still need a reminder about the rules and laws in Tulsa, please see the sentence below as stated on the website. Hopefully, those from other neighborhoods will also
abide by this requirement when walking their dogs in Camelot Park. "Pet owners are required to pick up pet waste on private and public property, including other people’s yards, parks and on sidewalks or trails."

Barking Dogs
After receiving a couple of complaints, we felt it time for a reprint of the Tulsa City Ordinance regarding barking dogs. It states:
"Dogs barking for ten minutes in Tulsa, OK, constitutes a nuisance according to the City of Tulsa website. Speak to your neighbor about the problem before contacting the police. If this
proves ineffective, contact an investigator of the Custom Care
( or report the violation through the City of Tulsa website. The offending neighbor will receive a warning letter describing Tulsa’s Nuisance Law and suggestions for how to stop the barking, such as obedience training. If the barking continues, the City of Tulsa will send you a copy of the warning letter that the neighbor received, along with follow-up information for
additional actions to take."

Please be considerate of your neighbors and make sure your pet is kept indoors if your dog’s tendency is to bark when left outside too long.

Landscape Committee:
We fared well over the winter months and only had one bush burned pretty badly with winter burn – it was replaced and it appears all the new shrubs are waking up and beginning to bud. It will be a fun process to watch these new plants put on their display for the first time in their new home this year. Once the ground warms some, we will do a few bedding plants and, pending no major expenses, we hope to have a budget in the fall for purchasing bulbs to contribute color next spring. Work in Progress!

We did purchase a storage shed and installed it inside the east turret to house the planters and holiday greenery and keep them protected and dry when not in use. Some of you may not know that the east turret does not have a cover and is subject to weather and debris falling in. Previous attempts to protect our greenery from this onslaught has not been 100% successful and is too large of an investment. HUGE thanks to Travis and Heather Boxley for use of their truck and muscle to deliver it to the turret. Carl Bracy, Jim Holmaas and Tom Frazier were Assemblers Extraordinaire to put it all together. We only had a few unimportant (we think) pieces left over! (wink) It truly could not have come together – literally and figuratively – without these wonderful neighbors donating their time and skill. The hanging
baskets for the light poles were dropped off at Riddle Plant Farm in Sand Springs to be planted and spread their roots a bit before being hung (soon!) and giving us a bright greeting each time we come home. Camelot Park is so beautiful in the Spring – hopefully you can walk our neighborhood and enjoy the fresh new feel that Spring brings. Happy Spring!

Website Reminder
Anyone can access our website for updated directory information, the latest newsletter and our neighborhood event calendar: