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Camelot Park is a beautiful south Tulsa neighborhood located between Yale and Sheridan Avenues, just south of 101st Street.  Our neighborhood is served by the Jenks Public Schools, including the award winning Jenks Southeast Elementary School. Realtors and potential home buyers, please contact the Camelot Park Homeowners' Association Board with any questions you have about our neighborhood or you may view our neighborhood covenants here.

Second Quarter 2019

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Neighborhood Garage Sale

May 3rd & 4th

Annual July 4th Parade

July 4th, 2019

Board Meeting

July 9, 2019

Board Meeting
October 8, 2019

Annual Homeowners' Meeting

November 14, 2019

HOA Dues Collection Update

It's official! Camelot Park residents rock!! We have collected 2019 HOA dues from every homeowner in the neighborhood. Thank you!

Camelot Park Directory

It's been almost two years since we printed and delivered an updated neighborhood directory. For those of you who requested one on your HOA dues slip, be on the lookout for a your copy to hit your mailbox late this summer. In the meantime, the latest contact information for our neighbors can be found on our website: You'll need a password to access the directory. Reach out to a board member for this.

New Neighbors - Welcome!

Welcome to the neighborhood! We're so glad you're here! 
Thomas & Susan Bernstein 10216 S. Granite Avenue
Travis & Heather Boxley 10116 S. Hudson Avenue
Trevin & Abigail Hoffman 5609 E. 103rd Street
Von Drehle Family 10115 S. Granite Avenue

Pet Directory

Camelot Park would like to assemble an online pet directory. Sometimes pets get out; a gate is left (or blown!) open, or they follow a too good to ignore scent and forget the way back home. We are looking for someone to assemble photos of Camelot Park pets and create an accessible directory through our private group CPHOA Facebook and NextDoor pages. This will help
us get lost pets back home. If this is something you would love to do, contact Dana Huston at

​​Camelot Park Neighborhood Garage Sale
May 3rd & 4th

A Message From Your Architectural Committee

Over the years, the Architectural Committee has had the  opportunity to provide guidance and assistance to homeowners relative to our Covenants and Restrictions as it's all about "The Pride of Camelot Park".

Below are the "Top Ten +1 Issues/Opportunities" we have helped guide homeowners with during the past ten years.

1) Lawn Maintenance

2) Home Maintenance, Improvements, and Repairs

3) Political Signs

4) Trash/Recycle Containers

5) Storage Buildings

6) Covered Vehicle and Excess Parking

7) Basketball Goals and Poles

8) Fence Replacements

9) Satellite Dish Installations

10) Commercial Business in the Home

11) Barking Dogs and Dog Waste

We will continue to reach out to you if you have an issue that needs assistance or guidance. Don't forget to periodically review your Covenants and Restrictions, as it addresses most of the issues we often discuss with homeowners.

Now that it's Spring, let's "Kick it Up a Notch" this year with our Lawn Maintenance, Home Maintenance and Related Items. A fresh coat of paint on some mailboxes might be in order. Many neighbors have been happy with Rust-Oleum Canyon Black (Satin). If you need assistance with painting your mailbox, please contact an Architectural Committee member.

Oh, one more thing...Just a reminder to keep, "All Trash/Recycle Containers From Street View"...Covenant and Restriction #23 Thanks for your support and please contact us with questions and concerns.

Carl Bracy Chair 918-299-6721

Bud Fritz Member 918-995-7374

Tom Frazier Member 918-640-4516

Eileen Axley Member 918-995-2881

2019 July 4th Parade

Summer is just around the corner! Our annual Fourth of July parade is on!  As usual, we will line up at 9 AM at the entrance of Camelot Park.  The fire department will lead our parade unless they have an emergency.  Due to heat, etc. we will walk half the neighborhood (other half next year) and end at the Hick's house (5518 E. 103rd Street) for popsicles and refreshments.  If you would like to provide a refreshment, please bring it to the Hick's house no later than 8:30 the day of the parade. As the date gets closer, look for more details on the neighborhood Facebook page and the NextDoor app. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Sarah Hicks