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Camelot Park is a beautiful south Tulsa neighborhood located between Yale and Sheridan Avenues, just south of 101st Street.  Our neighborhood is served by the Jenks Public Schools, including the award winning Jenks Southeast Elementary School. Realtors and potential home buyers, please contact the Camelot Park Homeowners' Association Board with any questions you have about our neighborhood or you may view our neighborhood covenants here.


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2021 Calendar of Events

Second Quarter 2021

HOA Dues – Kudos to You

Once again, the residents of Camelot Park have come through with flying colors! Thanks to all of you, the dues collection for 2021 went smoothly. Your contributions help to maintain ‘all things HOA’ and provide us the necessary funds to keep The Pride of Camelot Park. Thank You.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!
Camelot Park has seen a flurry of activity in home sales since our last newsletter. We would like to welcome the following families to our neighborhood:
Alex Stodghill and Amber Garrett – 10127 S. Granite Avenue
Jeffery and Martha Prunier – 5534 E. 103rd Street
David and Sarah Baker – 5601 E. 103rd Street
Nathaniel and Elizabeth Smith – 10202 S. Granite Avenue
Stephen and Ronna Brown – 10136 S. Hudson Avenue

Neighborhood Yard Sale
Friday, April 30 & Saturday, May 1

​Architectural Committee

Spring/Summer Cleanup, Repairs and other FYI’s
As we continue to work through this pandemic, we’ve noticed many neighbors are catching up on some home projects and lawn maintenance items. That’s great, and we continue to applaud your efforts. We’ve received a few complaints this year and thought it would be good to share a few reminders as we kick off our spring and summer activities.

Please be mindful to:

  • Maintain the exterior of your home, lawn and flower beds in an attractive manner (Covenants and Restrictions #33, #34)
  • Park all cars in the garage or driveway. Extended and/or continual parking is limited to 48 hours. (Covenants and Restrictions #24)
  • Remove all Portable Basketball Goals & Poles from the residence: (Covenants and Restrictions #35)

The Architectural Committee will be taking a stronger stance on violations to the Covenants and Restrictions this spring and summer. It’s all about “The Pride of Camelot Park”. As a reminder, the Camelot Park website referenced at the end of this newsletter contains governing documents for your review and reference.

Barking Dogs
Nothing is more irritating than being disturbed (day or night) by a barking dog. If you own a dog and it’s outside barking, it is a huge disturbance to all of your surrounding neighbors. We ask that the impacted neighbor(s) reach out to their neighbor about this concern. It’s
important to note, this violation is currently outside of the Board of Directors or the Architectural Committee governance. If no positive resolution is received, the impacted neighbor(s) should report their
concern/violation to the City of Tulsa, Animal Welfare Department by dialing “311”. The City of Tulsa Ordinance that addresses barking dogs states the following: “It is a violation if the dog barks, howls, brays or makes any other loud or offensive noise common to its species or peculiar to itself, so as to disturb the inhabitants of the community.”

Save the Date!
Once again, thank you Sarah Hicks for organizing this year’s annual Independence Day neighborhood parade. This year’s parade will be on July 3. More specific information will be communicated in our next newsletter.

2021 Neighborhood Directory
A new directory will be printed later this year. It will be distributed to those of you who ticked the box and returned the colored slip of paper with your dues payment. In the meantime, we would like to get all contact information up‐to‐date and ready to print as accurately as
possible. If you are new to the neighborhood, this is particularly important to us. Please send your name, emails, and phone numbers to Kimberly Ylitalo, damselfly52@gmail.com. For those of you who have lived in the neighborhood awhile but have seen changes to your
contact information, please let us know. An exact date has not yet been set for printing and distribution. We will keep you posted.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Friday, April 30 & Saturday, May 1

4th of July Parade
Saturday, July 3rd

More info to come!

Board Meetings

July 13, 7 p.m.
October 12, 7 p.m.

Fall Festival

October (date TBD)
More info to come!

Annual HOA Meeting

Thursday, November 18, 7 p.m.
RiverOaks Presbyterian Church