July 4, 2018, 9 a.m.

Fourth of July Parade!  Meet at the neighborhood entrance at 9 a.m.

July 10, 2018
Board Meeting

October 5-6
​Neighborhood Garage Sale

October 9

Board Meeting

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Third Quarter 2018

Our Neighborhood

Camelot Park is a beautiful south Tulsa neighborhood located between Yale and Sheridan Avenues, just south of 101st Street.  Our neighborhood is served by the Jenks Public Schools, including the award winning Jenks Southeast Elementary School. Realtors and potential home buyers, please contact the Camelot Park Homeowners' Association Board with any questions you have about our neighborhood or you may view our neighborhood covenants here.

A Message from your HOA President

Spring was a busy time for the HOA Landscape Committee. Liz Ray, Jill Deutscher, Dana Huston and I did a thorough ‘walk about’ out front. We came up with a lengthy list of tasks for Symmetry Land Services to perform. Lots of removal of old and dying shrubs (nandina, some azaleas, spirea), some pruning, some repurposing – moving the dwarf blue spruce shrubs from the circles to the large beds, moving rocks, moving a crepe myrtle, dividing hostas, filling in holes with additional soil, and sprucing up with perennial blue salvia. To cap it all off, Dustin and his crew planted new lemon lime nandina around the Camelot Park sign and filled the circles with lantana and Joseph’s coat for our summer and early fall color. The new black gum trees planted along Granite Avenue last November are doing great! A few more projects are planned for fall: removal of the old boxwoods in the circles and planting new evergreen shrubs throughout the landscape. Summer Solstice has come and gone. That means our days are growing shorter and our Annual Meeting will be here before we know it. This year, two board members’ terms will expire (one of them is our Treasurer). Two additional board members have been serving for many years already. We need residents to step forward and volunteer. Please say ‘yes’ and help us to replace the people who have already served. And to all of you who have served on the HOA board and committees in the past, Thank You! I am so excited Camelot Park will be hosting another 4th of July parade this summer. Please see below for more details. And thank you, Sarah Hicks, for volunteering to head up this special tradition. Enjoy the rest of your summer! 

Kimberly Ylitalo 

July 4th Parade

Woohoo! The parade is on this year! Line up by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 4th on 101st Place at the entrance of Camelot Park, travel south on Hudson Avenue and end at the Hicks’ home, 5518 E 103rd St. Decorate your bikes, wagons, dogs, etc. to join in the festivities. The fire truck will lead the parade unless they are called out to an emergency. Refreshments willJly be served after the parade. Lastly, if you want to make a goodie/dish for the firefighters to take back with them to the fire station, please bring it to the Hicks’ house on the morning of the parade. We will be baking them cookies to thank them! If you aren’t IN the parade, please come out to watch & cheer the revelers!

New Neighbors 

Jimmy & Shala Williams: 10221 S. Fulton Ave.

Jason & Jami Lohr: 5624 E. 103rd Street

Jeffrey & Megan Haus: 5616 E. 102nd Street

Matthew & Katie Cooper: 5319 E. 101st Place

Toby & Amy Leddy: 10140 S. Hudson Ave.

Albert & Beti Amoroso: 5619 E. 103rd Street

Mailboxes in the Neighborhood

e have had several residents ask for a referral to a company to repair or replace mailboxes in Camelot Park. As everyone is aware, we all have the same type of mailbox in our neighborhood (Covenant and Restriction Item #26 addresses mailbox issues). We feel very comfortable recommending Jerry Benish at Mr. Mailbox, 918-698-1504. Jerry has over 20 years of experience repairing, relocating, and replacing mailboxes. If you have a mailbox that seems to receive a lot of damage (i.e. has been hit or knocked down several times), Jerry says you might want to consider moving it to the other end of your yard. Please remember to contact the Architectural Committee prior to relocating your mailbox. Also, please take a look at your mailbox and consider whether it needs a fresh coat of paint. Now is a great time to handle these maintenance issues!


  • One of the biggest deterrents to crime is at your fingertip: the switch for your outside porch lights! Let’s LIGHT UP our neighborhood and keep criminals at bay! Every night, turn on a light! Be sure to LOCK your cars parked outside; in your driveway close to the house makes them less likely to be a target.
  • The Fall GARAGE SALE dates will be October 5 & 6.
  • Many pets can get lost (especially around July 4!) - be sure to have current info on tags and consider getting your pet microchipped even if it’s an indoor only pet-they escape!
  • Oklahoma has 65 different species of mosquitoes! Some are day biters and others only at night. West Nile Virus tests are conducted weekly in Tulsa County. More information on mosquito control can be found at: www.tulsahealth.org/environmental-health/mosquito-control. Control starts in each of our yards—please check this site out for ways you can help control the population. Fight the Bite!
  • Thanks in advance for observing the no political signage covenant.
  • ​TREASURER REPORT: Participation in HOA dues for 2018 is 100%. Thank You!