​Association Dues
For 2021, annual dues are $265.  Each year, statements are mailed to homeowners the first week in January with payment due by January 31.  We are happy to report that 100% of homeowners in Camelot Park paid their 2021 dues.

Information For Homeowner​s


Password Protected Information

A neighborhood directory and minutes from recent Board meetings and Annual Homeowners' meetings are available online to Camelot Park homeowners.  A password is required to access these materials.  If you don't have the password, please consult page 2 of your 2016 printed directory.  Or you may contact a board member for assistance.

​​​​​Directories (updated 4.18.21) - sorted by last name

 - sorted by street

 - Camelot Park Map with homeowners' last names

Board Meeting Minutes from 2015-2019

Annual Homeowners Meeting Minutes from 2012 through 2018